Park 'n' Shine
cleans your car
no matter how
dirty it is!

Park 'n' Shine now offers:

  • Scratch Repair including bumpers
  • Windshield Star Repair
  • Headlight Restoration

NO Cardboard

NO Duct Tape

Only the finest in mobile appearance repair services!

Mobile Restoration Services for the Albuquerque area

Restoration Services


In most cases, the Park 'n' Shine Restoration Service will remove sap, bird and bug residue, and other contaminants. The service includes hand wash n dry vehicle, clean n dress tires n rims, clean fender wells, removal of swirl marks and water spots and profesional application of wax to protect your newly restored vehicle.


Autos Starting at $150
Vans, SUVs, Trucks Starting at $200
Price above includes one hour of restoration service.
$60 per hour for each extra hour.

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