I Hate Water Spots! You may have washed your car yourself, or accidentally parked next to a sprinkler, and noticed these very hard white circles on your paint, that don’t seem to come off no matter what you do. What causes these? Here in Albuquerque and certainly other places, you are extremely lucky if you are fortunate enough to have soft water. Hence the massive bags of salt or other treatments sold around the city,

Ceramic Coatings

Posted by admin on  October 17, 2021
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Clear coat is generally only as thick if not thinner than a strand of human hair! When your car is polished or paint enhanced, a very fine layer of that clear is removed, showing extra gloss underneath. What happens when you go through this extra thin layer? Well, it’s not pretty. In Fact it significantly reduces shine, and the life of your paint. It’s called clear coat failure. What can you do to remedy this

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