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"I recently contacted Park n Shine to come out and wash/wax my 1970 Corvette. Their staff was a pleasure to work with, concerning details of the repair that was to be done, and making sure they could get the right match for the paint chip repair.

"Their guys showed up right on time, and did a very nice job on the car. The rims hadn't looked that good in years. The touch up paint matched up real nice. I have no problems recommending them. Thanks guys."

Jeff Johnson, Albuqerque, NM

"I love that he even cleans out the gas compartment.&qoute;

M.R., Albuqerque, NM

"Peter gets everything clean and nothing is messed with, I love that!"

N.B., Albuqerque, NM

"I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with Park ‘n’ Shine. The mobile detailing team did a spectacular job with my car—when they finished cleaning off the grime collected over a winter of snowboarding it was car-show spotless. And I should know, I edit a national car magazine. Kudos. I plan to recommend PNS to all my local car nut friends.

Dave Bexfield
Managing Editor

Nissan Sport Magazine

"I recently contacted Park n Shine to come out and wash/wax my 1970 Corvette. Their staff was a pleasure to work with, concerning details of the repair that was to be done, and making sure they could get the right match for the paint chip repair.

"Just a note to say thanks very much for the wonderful job that your team did on my SUV and travel trailer. Six thousand miles of dirt and grime magically disappeared, with the result that both vehicles were better than new! Not only were we impressed but we received several compliments along the way. Next time I am near the wonderful city of Albuquerque I will be sure to come by for an encore!"

Mike, Atlanta, GA

"Park 'n' Shine,

Thanks so much for the great detailing job you did on our car. It hasn't looked this good since we purchased it!"

Larry Cox, Santa Fe, NM

"Dear Park 'n' Shine:

My truck had been covered with speckles of over-sprayed roof coating deposited when a negligent roofing contractor was coating the roof of a 3-story building on a very windy day. The stuff did not just wipe off. It stubbornly stuck to everything. I was concerned that the truck would need to be completely repainted at considerable expense of time and money.

Most service companies advertise good customer service and low prices. Park 'n' Shine delivers! Appointment setting was easy and convenient. The guys were very courteous and respectful. They showed up on time and went to work right away, wasting no time. They persisted and worked until the job was done right. They removed every speck of the overspray from the clear coat finish and windows of my truck, leaving it clean and shinier than new!

The price was very reasonable, too. I could not have paid more for better service.

Thank you, Park 'n' Shine!"

David A. Jinks, Albuquerque, NM

"This was my first time ever dealing with Park 'N' Shine and I have to say that I am absolutely floored!! Scheduling an appointment was very quick, and was able to accommodate my needs for my work. Even when I tried to get them onto Kirtland AFB and ran into an issue with getting them a vehicle pass (which was my fault, not theirs) they were able to roll with the changes and still were able to find a spot and do a phenomenal job on my truck. The entire crew was very professional and very nice to deal with. Whenever I plan on getting my truck detailed again, I will 100% for sure call Park 'N' Shine. Thanks again for a great experience and hope to do business with you again soon. "

1st LT Nick N. Moniodis, Albuquerque, NM

"My car was disgusting. I "live" in it and I didn't have time to clean it. The people at Airport Parking who detailed it did a FABULOUS job and I will recommend them to everyone. THANK YOU for a great job! I'll be using your service again."

Vicki Westerfield, Albuquerque, NM

“The car looks great! Thank you!  I’ll plan on using the service again!”  

Robin J. Albuquerque, NM

WOW!!!! is all I can say!! They did the most amazing job!! I will definitely tell everyone I know to utilize their fantastic service while they travel!!! I barely recognized my car!!! It is soooooo clean and nice, that I don't want to go back to the way it WAS!!!!

Suzie Winslow-King, Tijeras, NM

“I couldn’t believe you actually honored your guarantee. My car looked great after your service - except for a little scuff on the hood. You immediately came to my home and removed it. With service like that, I want you to do my wife’s car too.”

Scott Connelly, Albuquerque, NM

"They did a great job on my vehicle"

Grant Riley, Albuquerque, NM

"Just a fan letter to say again how impressed I continue to be with your service. And I do tell my friends...and strangers.

Good work. Thanks,"

Michael Stewartt, Santa Fe, NM

"I had my car detailed over at the Airport Parking this weekend. Whoever is doing your work is doing a GREAT job…my car looks like new and I had people tell me they liked my new car! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and I'll use your service again!"

Linda Wiel, Albuquerque, NM

Hi Folks,

I'm the owner of a green 1998 Pontiac Bonneville you had for a detail from Airport Parking last week.

I just wanted you to know how thrilled I was with your service, and on the long drive from Albuquerque to Chinle, Ariz., I kept finding more things to be thrilled about.

When your guy, I think his name was Paul, recommended repainting the roof, I had some trepidation about spending another $300 on an 11- year-old car. I'm so glad I did! The paint job is an exact match and takes years off the car's appearance, and of course it holds wax much better now and looks nice and shiny (as well as protecting the metal from that hot Arizona sun).

After we pulled out, I noticed the center console, which usually pops open on every bump, was staying closed. Upon investigation I saw that your folks had redone a bad jury-rig job I had tried after the spring- latch broke, using stick-on Velcro. The Velcro had gotten linty and didn't hold any more, and the sticky stuff on the back had melted and gotten all over the place. Your folks removed the goo and replaced the Velcro with a stronger variety that seems to be holding.

Around Grants, we encountered a freakishly heavy thunderstorm. The windshield wipers were going full blast but couldn't quite keep up, yet my husband noticed how quickly the rain balled up and ran off.

"They must have put RainX on our windshield!" he said. "I didn't know that was part of the deal."

Most detail places do a great job cleaning my car, but those little extras — unasked-for but so welcome — set your company apart. I highly commend your conscientious staff for lovingly ministering to a vehicle that, admittedly, has seen much better days.

The car was a hand-me-down from my parents after they stopped driving, and I haven't been as good to it as I should be in spite of its almost magical reliability even on the goat-tracks of the Navajo reservation, where we live. Thanks for turning it into something beautiful I am proud to drive!

I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in supporting a local company that goes above and beyond. Please pass this on to Paul (I think that was his name) and the others who did such marvelous work.


Cindy Yurth, Chinle, AZ


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